• The Story Training
  • The Story Training
  • The Story Training
  • The Story Training
A guide that empowers you to lead a study in knowing, living and sharing the Gospel within The Story.

Can be used in the following contexts with The Story Guide (Participant Edition):
  • Training Seminars
  • Small Groups
  • Sunday School/Classroom Settings
  • New Believer/Disciple Training

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     Posted on 12/12 by Nick Rynerson
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     Posted on 11/14 by Nick Rynerson
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    The Christian metanarrative is still the only story that can truly satisfy even a postmodern heart and mind. If not this story, what other story would we tell?
    Glen Watson
    (Page 28 in The Story Guide)

    Steven just created a new account via the iPhone App from Decatur, TX US! Thanks for sharing the greatest story!
    1 hr 59 mins ago • @ViewTheStory
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